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Hi friends, if you could please sign and reblog this petition it would mean a lot to me. This girl has it waaaaay worse than I do and she got rejected for a CI by Cigna too, on grounds that are completely ridiculous. (I mean, my rejection was unfair, but hers is outright disgusting.) She’s only three and the sooner she gets the operation the better for her development on the whole. My hearing loss was much milder than hers when I was her age and it still caused a lot of difficulties growing up, and she has enough on her plate as it is. Thanks!




Hey tumblr! Did you know that if you suffer from depression / anxiety or any other mental illness, you can register your dog as an emotional support animal, making it illegal for a landlord to refuse to rent to you? That’s right. No breed restrictions, no weight restrictions, no matter what, they are not allowed to refuse.

This includes cats, rabbits, birds, guinea pigs, etc.!! Go here to register your pet as an ESA :~) 

This is a scam.

The website linked (and many others) will sell you fake IDs in for a fee and it literally doesn’t qualify you for anything. Unfortunately, (at least in the United States) emotional support/therapy animals do not qualify as service animals.  This means you can very well be legally rejected by a landlord, public transportation service, etc. 

Please read this and stop spreading false information that will scam people out of their money. Taking advantage of people with mental issues is one of the most disgusting things you can do.


#GazaUnderAttack update from the ground (Sunday 20 July 17:00)

The current death count is 425, including 112 children. These include Maaly Aby Zayed, who was killed by an Israeli air strike as he distributed aid, eight members of the same family (one who was six months old), and over 40 in just the one neighbourhood of Shaja’iya in east Gaza.

Other analysis


The Eaglebull- Oxendine family is being sued by their child’s school for speaking out against the activity this school flier discusses. The school encouraged children to ‘dress up like a Native American.’ Other activities included making feathered headbands and playing Indian.

Now the family faces an undue financial burden for expressing freedom of speech and asking the school to end culturally offensive curriculum.

Please contribute here to help this family fight back. This legal decision will impact all Natives. Every dollar helps. There is $6,000 left to raise:


for every trans men out there who love soy sauce but has to cut it from their diet due to soy sauce’s high concentration of Phytoestrogens (mimics estrogen(female sex hormones) ) , the best thing you can replace soy sauce with is Chinkiang Vinegar.It does not contain soy at all and basically has the same can easily find it in stores specialized in asian food products.




"My name is Michael Hunter. I was diagnosed with leukemia in June 2013 & was told on June 11, 2014 that I only have a few months left to live if I can’t find a donor. Please help me with my biological family or a donor match! I was born in Columbus, OH 3/1/1985 at Doctor’s North Hospital and given the name Christopher Brown. Please share"

Michael is a friend, I’m asking that you all take the time to share this. He desperately needs a bone marrow donor and there is very limited number of African American donors. Without a donor Michael is going to die.

Michael was adopted and does not know his birth family. We know he has a half brother but have no information about him.

He does not specifically need an African American Donor but because of all of the things that factor into finding a match (blood type, dna tissue etc.) , someone of similar descent is more likely to be a closer match.

If anyone knows anything about Michael’s birth family or if you would like to see if you are a match, please privately message me. I can put you in touch with him and his caregivers directly!

We hope through spreading awareness we can either find his birth family whom he does not know or find a donor match. Michael lives in the Cincinnati, OH area. Please dont just like this or scroll past. Please share this! You could save his life!

BOOST. Its so hard for Black people to find donors.

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Here’s the situation. Rent is past due. The check was sent out yesterday and it’ll be cashed on Monday, July 14th. The money for the check isn’t in my bank account because we don’t have it. We don’t have any money. I work minimum wage and less than 20 hours a week. I started my job in May to help my family out the best I could despite my own mental illness and problems but it’s not enough. Every one of my checks has gone towards rent + utilities. And I know, I know, that’s adulthood right? My mother is an adult as well, and that exact mentality is what drove her to the point where even as I’m speaking to her now she can’t say anything but “I’m done.” “It’s over” and “I give up.”

No matter how bad things got. Not having water for a week, losing the car and having to take the bus everywhere, nearly starving for 2 months… still my mom never broke down. She worked a factory job, retail, fast food, you name it. Just kept her head down to make ends meet. Only ends meet. We’re still in the hole by a lot with no means to pay it back. Today we have to look at whats most pressing and that’s the rent. It’s always been this cycle of “What can we do without?” and constantly losing and losing until there’s nothing else. My mom doesn’t have anything more to give. She’s worked her whole life to get to this point and still it wasn’t enough.

I want a roof over my families head. I want to keep my cat Kip. I want to be able to at least have a house to live in. I’d live in my car if it came to it because I don’t care what happens to me. My family- it’s just me, my 18 year old sister my mother who quit her job recently because of a depressive episode, and my two youngest siblings who are 5 and 6 years old. They don’t have anywhere to go if we lose this place. Me and my sister can cope because we’re adults, but my two smallest siblings? I’d be living in my car if I we get evicted which means I’d have to give up my cat. My sister might be able to move in with her boyfriend. My mom can barely get out of bed, much less cook and provide for my youngest siblings so no one else has any means of housing and feeding them if we don’t come up with the rent this month.

Literally $1,000 is what we need. Of which doesn’t even cover anything besides the rent only but it’s… my mom finally came home and it’s scary how she’s switching from complete despair to telling me “Take it day by day. No use in crying about it.” There just aren’t any other options for us. We’ve exhausted every one of them this year and now it’s do or die. I’m really sorry. I try not to ask for things I don’t need. It doesn’t matter to me if I end up homeless and I know I’m privileged enough to be alive and at the very least, loved and appreciated. It’s just that this month- today, it isn’t enough.

Anything will help. Even a dollar or just well wishes. I’ll personally thank everyone who signal boosts or donates at all! I can write fic maybe? To at the very least make people get their moneys worth.

If anyone has any questions at all, they can message me and I’ll explain anything you might have questions about. I know that my family isn’t the only one suffering and things can get hard, if you can’t donate please consider signal boosting! My paypal is

Thank you so much for even reading this!

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It’s worked for white people, I figured I might as well give it a shot.


I want you to go man!

if this was a white girl this would have had the notes 3 weeks ago

People are sending him racist messages telling him it’s not gonna happen and he doesn’t belong in Disney World over this post. So we’re gonna reblog it even more.

Look, I will literally help anyone get to Disney World, so reblogging this is a no-brainer.


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A kickstarter we can all believe in.

Newser: N. Carolina Will Pay $10M to Forced Sterilization Victims →






[Image: A picture of a Black woman with some gray hair, seated, hands together holding a pen as she wipes her eye.]

Over a period of 45 years, North Carolina forcibly sterilized 7,600 people it deemed mentally or socially unfit. Now, 39 years since the state’s eugenics program ended in 1974, it will finally make reparations, with lawmakers earmarking $10…








Okay, Bay Area mixies, time to pony up: 7-year-old Baylor Fredrickson of Albany, CA needs a bone marrow transplant, but his German-Japanese background makes it hard to find a match. Click through to the article for upcoming registry drives and get swabbed if you can.

People of color and mixed-race individuals are underrepresented in the bone marrow registry, which means that people of color are less likely, statistically, to find a match.


the sex positivity movement should never forget asexuals, abstinent & celibate people

being comfortable with not being interested in sex is just as important as being comfortable with having sex

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On May 9th, in Bay City, Texas, my step dad’s 21 year old unarmed nephew (a black man) was shot 4 times by sheriff’s deputy after a traffic stop. Police went to inform his family with guns drawn and would not release the location of the incident. They are also not sharing the details of the event.

My family is going crazy and my mom is trying to get a hold of the news and I’d really appreciate if you can help get this some attention please, I’ll do anything.



Super important!

And if there’s a kid in the car, all bets are off