Disabled Americans fighting for the right to save money and still receive benefits →







this is so, so important. as it is stands, you will lose your medicaid and social security benefits if you earn more than $700/month or have more than $2,000 in savings. that makes it nearly impossible to move out of poverty.

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this is relevant to my life as well as a person on SSI.

This is something I have a huge problem with. I hate how we’re punished for trying to save our money.

We’re punished for wanting to save our money, told we don’t deserve nice things if we save up our money for them, and looked down upon because we need help because we cannot work. It’s frustrating as heck!

I mean, I get less than $650 a month… I am expected to pay my room & board, extra bills, and food with just THAT. What little I have left over I try to save for something to make my life feel a little better, or something to make me happy. It’s near impossible, but I have no choice but to make it work.

One year, there was a mistake in the system and I got no check… AT ALL I did not have enough savings to pay my room and board or anything! It was scary and I did not know what to do. I had to print up years worth of bank statements to show I did not owe Social Security Disability any money, nor was I over-paid by them. It took over a MONTH before they said “Oh, our bad! Whoopsie! Here is your back pay!”.

But because I barely had any savings in order to pay for my needs, I had to sell my favorite doll. My Soom Godo. I can NEVER get this doll again, he’s impossible to find, but I had no choice in the matter. It was not pay my bills and have the people who house me suffer with the burden, or sell my favorite doll so there would be no burden at all. Now, if I was allowed to have savings, this would NEVER have happened.

First-hand testimony (from the same dearest of friends I wrote about) on the insanity of such policies. daggerpen, might be of interest to you (although I think it was someone else I reblogged my own writeup from).



UPDATE: This petition must get 100,000 signatures by December 24th of this year! Boost this as much as you possibly can and make sure to sign!

In 31 states, rapists are allowed to sue victims they’ve impregnated for custody rights.

There’s a case in Boston, MA right now in which a rapist is taking advantage of this. He pleaded guilty of rape in 2011 and was sentenced to 16 years probation; however, this sentence includes 16 years of family court as well, which the victim must also attend. He’s using this to sue for joint custody of her child and will only withdraw his law suit if he is free from paying any form of child support. This entire sentence seems like much more of a punishment for the victim than it is for the rapist, and for the state to allow such a thing, the victim is suing.

As stated in the court complaint, “Even if the family court ruled in the [victim]’s favor on issues currently in dispute, such as whether the criminal defendant should be granted visitation rights to [her] child, [she] will suffer harm from the constant threat of new issues arising in family court until her child reaches adulthood, including, for example, efforts by the criminal defendant to seek to modify child support orders and enforce his parental rights at the trial court level and on appeal.”

If this woman is forced to attend 16 years of family court with her rapist, she is not only forced to confront a traumatic event that she should never have to deal with again, but she is subjected to the possibility of losing pieces of her child to him over and over again for all of those years. In addition to this constant state of fear and anguish she would face, just by being sent to something considered ‘family’ court—for her and her rapist—she’s being disrespected and her rape undermined by even the suggestion that this is a family situation. By doing this, the law is making felony into family.

In 31 states, rapists are actually given rights instead of having much of anything taken away. In being given these rights, they are being given the chance to further torment the woman and possibly abuse the child. It is not okay to reward rapists and further punish victims, and the ignorance of rape and how our justice system is handling it needs to turn around.

Please sign this petition to ban rapists from being able to sue for custody rights. This issue is so little known, yet so important, and I don’t know any better way of trying to make this change.


Stop the plan to raise Shasta Dam - Support the Winnemem Wintu →


The Bureau of Reclamation released a draft Environmental Impact Statement in July on the U.S. government’€™s proposal to raise the height of northern California’€™s Shasta Dam by 18.5 feet. This project would add 14% more water to Shasta Lake during wet years. But while some of this water would be used by new housing developments and southern California residents, much of it is destined for agricultural users who can resell the subsidized water. California’€™s oil industry will also benefit, as it ramps up the use of water-intensive hydraulic fracking in the southern Central Valley, raising fears of chemical contamination of groundwater and increased earthquake activity.

In addition to creating new environmental problems, the update to the dam would fail to solve others. Native salmon have been blocked from their historic spawning grounds in the upper McCloud, Sacramento and Pit rivers since the Shasta Dam was completed in the 1940s. No bypass for fish species was included in this proposed project. As if these factors weren’t bad enough, the Shasta Dam project would also flood ceremonial dance grounds still in use by the Winnemem Wintu tribe today. Sacred sites and burials still located at traditional Winnemem village sites would also be flooded, causing irreparable cultural harm. While some claim that the project will balance out these problems by creating temporary construction jobs, it won’t increase long-term employment in the region. The public comment period on this disastrous proposal ends on Monday, September 30. If enough of us speak out now and sign this petition, we can show the Bureau of Reclamation that the project will continue to face fierce opposition if it sends the proposal on for congressional approval.

PETITION: Release Water to Avert a Massive Klamath River Fish Kill →

The Klamath and Trinity River salmon are facing dire conditions. Low flows and warm water coupled with an expected large run of salmon are creating the perfect conditions for a Klamath fish kill. During the last fish die off over 60,000 fish died in the Klamath River, devastating local Tribes and coastal fishermen.

The US government has proposed releasing  water from the Trinity River, the Klamath’s largest Tributary to advert a disaster in the Klamath, a move the Hoopa Valley Tribe and other Klamath River Tribes and communities support. However Westlands Water District and the San Luis & Delta Water Authority from the Central Valley have filed a lawsuit against using the Trinity River water to aid the Trinity and Klamath River salmon. They have obtained a restraining order for at least 9 days against the release of water from a Fresno judge, a move that puts the salmon at immediate risk. The irrigators only have junior water rights as opposed to River Tribes and are using procedural issues within environmental laws to stall action for the salmon.

When the fish kill of 2002 occurred it devastated California’s three largest Tribes, along with fishing communities from Oregon to Central California. We cannot let this happen again. Tell Westlands and the San Luis & Delta Water Authority to pull their TRO and let the court procedures play out without putting the fish at risk of a fish kill. They have already received all the water they will get for this year and are doing this to preserve water for next year, but the fish need water now.

Petition: Support a new Native preschool in Seattle! →


Less than 2 weeks ago, we learned that our Early Head Start and Head Start early childhood education programs at the United Indians of All Tribes Foundation in Seattle will be defunded after June 30, 2013. The Head Start preschool at United Indians has been in existence for 27 years, and we have had hundreds of Native students as well as non native students of other backgrounds come through our doors.

We are heartbroken by the loss of this program. But this is a new day, and we are ready to make a new path forward. Early childhood education is one of the most critical investments we can make for our children’s future. Native kids in Seattle need a preschool program that nurtures their brains, bodies, and spirits, and that helps them know and love their community, their traditions, and themselves.

Please invest in our lil Native learners and families. Support the Native community organizing ourselves to build the education systems we need. Please help us start a new Native preschool in Seattle!


Right. So. We need this. Go here to sign.

Sign Petition to Protect Sacred Lummi Lands From Dirty Coal →


Cherry Point in Washington State could end up as the site of the largest coal exporting facility in North America. But not if the Lummi Nation can help it.

The Lummi people have a history of opposing development of their cultural, historic and spiritual land. Known to them by its ancestral name, Xwe’chi’eXen was the first listing on the state’s Heritage Register and, for over 175 generations, an ancestral fishing village on the Salish Sea. It’s also associated with the creation story of the Lummi people. The Lummi believe the 2007 UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples allows them to maintain and protect their archaeological and historic sites.

Tell Whatcom County and US Army Corps of Engineers to protect Lummi Lands and the Salish Sea from dirty coal! The petition reads:

We, the undersigned, ask, in addition to preventing the environmental destruction posed by the proposed GTF Port at Cherry Point, the US Government honor the UN Declaration that allows the Lummi Nation to prevent development of their sacred land.

The Lummi Nation has compiled a report of “Key Facts”, which elaborates on a long list of environmental and cultural concerns surrounding this proposed Gateway Pacific Terminal, as well as the mining and transporting of coal from the midwest associated with the project.

These concerns are summed up on the Lummi Nation website as follows:

There is evidence to support that local jobs and businesses, property values, human health and quality of life would be adversely impacted by the coal trains. Increased marine traffic and the coal terminal would affect fisheries, marine ecosystems, and air quality. Further, substantial taxpayer investment may be required to support infrastructure required by the project and to mitigate some of the potential negative effects. There are questions as to whether damages to local businesses, regional identity, communities and fisheries could ever be adequately mitigated. The global impacts of coal export and coal combustion are significant, particularly when the future is considered.

We ask all those involved in deciding the fate of this sacred site to take all of these and other concerns that may come up in the future under serious consideration and protect this sacred land as well as humans, wildlife and the environment from the impact of coal transport and export.

Please do not allow the US Government to further infringe upon the rights of the Lummi People.



My mom said if this post gets 500,000 notes nothing will happen.

But if this petition gets 500,000 signatures we can get federal laws preventing rapists from suing for custody/visitation of their victim’s children.

You guys accomplished Operation Fluffy Chicken
How about putting in an effort to Operation We’re Finally Taking Rape Seriously?

Very important

Sign this petition to pardon Marissa Alexander, who fired a warning shot to scare off her abusive ex. She harmed no one, but is now facing decades in jail. →





We have until March 5 to get the required signatures to send this to the President for her pardon. The last petition came up short, but we can make it this time!

Please sign!

Onle 1,108 more signatures needed! Come on, people, sign this!

actually it needs THIS many more signatures


DC Comics Hires Homophobe and NOM Board Member Orson Scott Card to Write New Superman Series









superman gay card

Great Caesar’s Ghost!

DC Comics has announced a digital-first series called the Adventures of Superman this week, which is launching in April which will be written by notorious homophobe and National Organization for Marriage board member and sci-fi author Orson Scott Card

Among those contributing are ComicsAlliance favorites Jeff Parker (Bucko, Red She-Hulk) and Chris Samnee (Daredevil, The Rocketeer: Cargo of Doom), who will collaborate on a story about Superman’s first encounter with Lex Luthor. But before that, Adventures of Superman begins with a two-part story written by popular novelist Orson Scott Card (Ender’s Game) and drawn by the great Chris Sprouse and Karl Story

Card who called for the overthrow of government if Prop 8 failed most recent works included a re-writing of Hamletin which Old King Hamlet was gay, an evil child molester and ghostly father of lies who convinces young Hamlet to exact imaginary revenge on innocent people

An appalling decision by DC Comics who has recently been working towards being gay and lesbian inclusive with such characters as Batwoman and the Green Lantern.

Perhaps they don’t realize that by hiring Card the money they give will in turn be used to harm the LGBT community.

Perhaps next they can hire someone who’s in the KKK to write Wonder Woman?

Let DC Comics know your disgust at the choice of Orson Scott Card by using the DC Entertainment contact form or Tweeting them at @dccomics

by Will Kohler at Back2Stonewall

Astounding. Here’s a petition for you to sign.


Wow. Holy shit wow. No. No, DC. No. I’m disgusted by Story and Sprouse agreeing to work with this fucking homophobe.

Reblog please. And tell DC what you fucking think.

Not that I’m fucking surprised, they have a history of hiring openly homophobic people.

I’m actually not fucking kidding. You NEED to reblog this. Seriously. I’m not fucking around here, I’m really angry. Even if you’re only here for my fucking art, reblog this. Do something for me that matters, ok??? Please write to DC using their contact form. Please tweet them. Please. I don’t usually beg people to do shit like this but please. This man cannot be allowed to fuckign continue.

Dc really needs to fire whoever is in charge of hireing decisions. WTF

Are you fucking kidding me?

No one buy this fucking book. I don’t advocate piracy as a rule, but if you are that desperate to read it, well, please find a way to do so that does not involve giving this man money. Money that goes to him will go to NOM. It will be used to hurt queer people.

I just.

Fuck you, DC.


Is anyone else having trouble actually signing the petition?

I clicked the link and it immediately thanked me even though I


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its says 367 supporting so…am I part of that number?

Hey guys, try this link, or this link to see if it works!










I am shaking over how BEAUTIFUL this is! 

Imagine how easy it would be to travel across the US with high-speed rail!

Imagine how many JOBS would be created!

Yeah, it would basically be manual labor, but that would put thousands of Americans back to work! 


This would be brillliant. If I ended up working in Philly I could get to my friends in nyc in an hour? i’m sold.

and none for Montana bye

There’s a very faint gray line that runs through Montana, so maybe that would be a future railway down the road when the bare bone rails are fully functional.



>Goes through Nebraska

awwwhh yiiisss

Like, is this a thing? Thats on anyones todo list? Or is this dreams?

We only have one month until the petition closes, and there are only about 1700 signatures on it!

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For some reason, lawmakers in Georgia are going to try and reward schools monetarily if they expel LGBTQ students.

Last time I checked, America was founded on the tenets of equality and tolerance. This doesn’t sound ANYTHING like that at all. Please, go to the link above and SIGN this petition to let Georgia lawmakers know that what they are doing is wrong, vile, and disgusting.

Okay, reblogging this a second time, actually, because this petition has under 3,000 signatures and NEEDS at least 10,000. They just need a valid email, a name, a country and a post code. You don’t even have to sign up for a newsletter or register for a site account or anything.

Please sign this and share widely. One day left for this petition for the President to pardon single Mom Marissa Alexander who fired a warning shot into the air, injuring no one, in Florida and is about to serve 20 years for it. PLEASE HELP the deadline is TOMORROW. →

We need JUST UNDER 400 more signatures!!!! →



With this update, the Tumblr staff have succeeded in alienating their entire userbase. The Tumblr staff have added features that make it more like a fully-equipped Twitter ripoff than the actual Tumblr site now. People once used Tumblr to AVOID having to deal with the interface of Twitter or Facebook, but that is a thing of the past now, apparently.

This petition’s purpose is simply to roll back the update- give Tumblr users back the posting on seperate pages, and more importantly for many users, fix what damage this update did to RP or story blogs.

this post took me three minutes just to load so i could signal boost. tumblr yall need jesus.