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Watching the sibling interaction in The Lizzie Bennett Diaries has made me realize how much I totally want a Batsib vlog in my life.

Can’t you just imagine?

Tim: My name is Tim Drake, and this is my-

Damian: Really, Drake? Your life isn’t even compelling enough to be of interest to those of us unfortunate enough to be part of it.

Tim: Will you stop ruining my video?!

Dick: Okay guys, break it up…

*opening credits*

oh my God. I would kill to see Damian’s impression of Stephanie.

I could see Cass being like Darcy, in that she doesn’t show her face until late in the series, but the entire fandom flips their shit out of joy when she does.


I will be what you need me to be…

Even if what you need me to be is gone…




Also, if things happened with Jason the way they did in the comics, can you imagine being Batman and Nightwing at the end of that episode?  Showing up, the whole league in tow, only to find out that the target has been blown sky high.  Thinking, “Oh God, I’ve failed again.”  And then that moment of relief when they spot Tim in the water.  And they’re just so overwhelmed, but they can’t really vocalize it.  And all Dick can do is force out a quip, because he is so happy that Tim is alive (that he didn’t fail him like he did Jason), but now isn’t the time to tell him that.  Not with the whole league watching.


GODDAMN WILL YOU JUST LOOK AT THE VARIETY OF GRIMACES ON THIS PAGE I MEAN MAN. THESE ARE SOME FANTASTIC GRIMACES. I actually, I mean, I already told you I love how Albuquerque does faces just in general but I have a PARTICULAR affection for any time Tim has been in BB because the best Tim faces ever. Oh my god. Every Tim face he draws is flawless perfection on a cosmic scale ok.






The Bat Family vs the Court of Owls

I just find it interesting how this is like,

Nightwing: on the defensive

Red Hood: on the defensive

Red Robin: on the defensive


 Damian don’t need no stinkin’ defense.

Damian please tie your shoes, honey D: You are going to trip and fall…

 I think we need to start a Damian tripping meme. Y’know, he trips and falls onto one of his cats and almost cries because he thinks he crushed it. Or he trips and falls into Steph’s arms. And every time he’s just like “NO THIS IS UNACCETABLE I CANNOT TRIP I AM IMMACULATE WHAT IS TRIPPING EVEN MY SHOELACES SHOULD JUST STAY OUT OF MY WAY BECAUSE THEY ARE MY SHOELACES STEPHANIE UNHAND ME”

Yes, this meme idea pleases me.  I will write something for it.



“Uh, dude? You know this looks really, really st—”

“Your suit has handlebars. Shut up and fly.”


Reservoir Bats


This is a homage to the iconic Reservoir Dogs poster with Bruce Wayne’s five children all suited up differently to the norm. Silhouette art is not as easy as I thought it would be but I did try my best.

You included Cass, which makes this automatically awesome.

Mari's Deeness: The Batfamily and the Olympians →


because apparently I can’t be geeky enough with liking comic books. No, I have to add Greek mythology as distilled by the Percy Jackson series.

…I personally have no problems with my life choices.

The premise of the Percy Jackson series is as follows: the ancient Greek gods still exist and…

I like this, but may I suggest something?  I don’t know if you’ve read the Heroes of Olympus books yet (if not, get to it!  They’re the sequels to the original Percy Jackson series), but they go into the Roman counterparts to the Greek pantheon, and by extent the Roman version of Camp Half-Blood.  Anyways, I think that Jason would be really good as a son of Mars Ultor, rather than Ares.  Ares is all berserker-killkillkill! on the battlefield, while Mars is a bit more responsible.  He’s the patron of Rome, and is associated with military discipline.  Jason is, after all, a “good soldier.”  Also, having him belong to the Roman camp, which is historically at odds with Camp Half-Blood, would emphasize his outsider status within the Batclan.

Damian would also fit in really well with the Romans.  They have people who are a few generations removed from divine parentage, even have multiple divine ancestors, as part of the camp.  Heck, Talia could have gone there, and the Greco-Roman rivalry could add to her and Bruce’s star-crossed lovers shtick.  Again, this would emphasize Damian’s outsider status.

And now I’ve just put a ridiculous amount of thought into modifying someone else’s headcanon.

The Batfam’s relationship with the internet



So basically, Bruce trolls chatrooms under multiple accounts.

Dick intentionally causes wank, lots and lots of wank.

Jason downloads everything, even stuff he hates, because REBEL AGAINST THE MAN.

Tim is a hardcore internet activist, Anonymous, Wikileaks, the works.

Damian and Steph trade cute pictures of kittens and are best friends online, having no idea who the other is.

Babs has given up on policing them.

My personal canon is that Damian holds the high score on Robot Unicorn Attack and Talia is a Tumblr addict.

Make of that what you will.

Cass uses that software that reads everything out loud to you, but she mostly enjoys watching videos of people doing silly things on YouTube.