This show was super important. 



It’s also canon that he has a terrible fake British accent that he employs when he’s really getting snarky with someone

Static is the hero for our generation just admit it


I will never forget how immensely happy this promo pic made me when they first showed it at SDCC like, years ago.

Where are the heroes?


Virgil with the mother of a friend he couldn’t save. I know out of context this moment won’t have much relevance but I wanted to share it anyway because the mother’s question, “why was there no hero to save my baby boy” is the verbalized realization all super heroes eventually come to. You can’t save everyone.

It’s always hard to have an ideal shattered by reality, especially one as noble as making sure everyone is safe. In the above Virgil’s words reveals he believes every individual matters and is worth saving. It’s true, but it can’t be done. So how do you reconcile with the fact that you can only save some?

Although this is a plot line we’ve seen a thousand times before and we all know how this will end—with Virgil back in costume—I really liked the way it was handled in this arch of Static Shock.


I miss John Paul Leon’s art. I can’t wait for his Batman book with Kurt Busiek.


Such a cute face.


Future Shock

Yes, Virgil

You are Beyonce

(honestly if you are going to aspire to be anyone Beyonce is a pretty good choice)

Static Shock
The Big Leagues


‘I’m so proud of you, Virgil. Imagine that, my boy - the superhero!’
‘Thanks mom, but you’re the real superhero.’

-Static Shock, Flashback, 3.14

Static Shock (Virgil Hawkins) by Scott McDaniel

Link: How you can help Robert L. Washington III get the burial he deserves. →


One of tale telling signs of our morality is watching the people that were behind the high-water marks of our hobbies pass on. Last week, Robert L. Washington III joined that all too long list after succumbing to a series of Heart Attacks at the age of 47. Despite not having the most prolific career, Mr. Washington’s contributions to the Industry cannot be ignored, as he was just as important to the creation of Virgil Hawkins (a.k.a Static) as Dwayne McDuffie was. Beyond that milestone, Washington also worked on such titles like “Extreme Justice”, “When Worlds’ Collide” and “Shadow Cabinet.”  However, this article isn’t being written to eulogize a man who received much better tributes last week, but to bring awareness to a problem you can help solve.

As for the problem itself, like many creators after the Mid-90’ implosion  of the Industry, Washington could not find work in the Industry, which led to  extended series of hard times where he find himself homeless on one than more occasion. Without an ability to save money, Mr. Washington could be buried under less than ideal (to put it lightly) circumstances. Fortunately, Craig Hicks (a friend of his) made people aware of the situation on various message boards and what you and I can do to help.

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How to make a Static Shock Fan FIlm

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