The Reyes Family

these are my rules. nobody hurts innocent people. got it? 

- Blue Beetle #12


6|100 DC heroes [x]

"I got magic armor… dunno how it works. Got a magic rock inside my body… can’t get it out… Went into outer space n’ helped them… but now the superheroes hate me, gonna kill me… I’m the Blue Beetle."


Paco is me

“I will release Jaime Reyes’ deepest, darkest fantasies of ultimate power!

shirtless jaime appreciation post



Seriously though, how are they gonna defeat The Reach without the Reyes family and Paco and Brenda (and La Dama!).  They can’t.

Unless they introduce Jaime’s family, Bart’s bad future will come into being.

No, but see, in Bart’s bad future, Jaime traded himself for their safety or something, which caused Bad Things to happen.  And then the Reyes fought back and were pretty awesome, but because they weren’t all working together it failed.  And Bart knows that they’ll make everything awesome if only they become part of the narrative and work with the team.

Crap, I’ve lost all control of my headcanons, haven’t I?





Jaime Reyes expression appreciation set

Jaime Reyes is perfect


ok but the reyes family is the best family ever written anywhere probably