Headcanon theater - Actual fanboy Nico di Angelo

Due to his dyslexia, Nico doesn’t read much. He hasn’t quite gotten used to modern devices, so he doesn’t use the iPod filled with audiobooks that Percy and Annabeth gave him for his most recent birthday. There is one thing he does love to read though – comic books. Even when he can’t decipher the text, he can still get a good idea about what’s going on.

Bianca bought him his first comic book back before their mother died. She loved Captain Marvel, but Nico ended up really liking Captain America. This caused a little bit of a problem, given their mother’s involvement with the Italian embassy and the fact that the US and Italy were at war.

After Nico figured out what happened to him, he felt a deep kinship for Cap, and has started working to collect every Captain America comic or trade that he can get his hands on. One of the “treasures” that Hazel once uncovered was a rare Captain America comic, and Nico was hard pressed to leave it be and avoid the curse associated with Hazel’s treasures.

(Also, Wonder Woman would make Nico laugh over it’s inaccuracy like Hercules does, but Themyscira reminds him too much of Artemis’ Hunters and his sister, so it just upsets him. Ironically, Wonder Woman’s creator, William Moulton Marston, was a half-blood in the PJO-verse who’s sister joined the Hunters. Diana is actually based on Zoe Nightshade.  Zoe was pissed when she found out about it.)  

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