What Should Liam Neeson Punch Next?


Liam Neeson used to be in fancy-pants movies like Schindler’s List and Nell and Rob Roy … I mean, in 1993’s Ethan Frome, he played Ethan Frome.

At some point, though, he got really into beating people up. In 2008, he had a huge hit with Taken, where he beats people up because they kidnapped his daughter. In Clash Of The Titans, he vicariously beat people up by releasing the Kraken. (Not a euphemism.) Then his desire for action became such that he actually joined The A Team! (You probably didn’t see that one.) Last year in Unknown, he beat up everyone who didn’t recognize him. (Which was everyone.) In the upcoming Battleship, if I am understanding the premise, he’s going to fight aliens with boats.

And this Friday, in The Grey? Wolves. That’s right. Liam Neeson is fighting wolves. And I’ll be darned if, at the end of this trailer, it doesn’t look like he’s strapping on some improvised claws to punch a freaking wolf.

Blogger Linda Holmes offers some suggestions: What Should Liam Neeson Punch Next? : Monkey See

I really love the Banker idea and the Maggie Smith idea (spoiler:  Maggie Smith wins).  Here’s my suggestion:

Sean Bean.  Liam Neeson once based his career on playing wise mentors who die before the end of the movie, but everything changed when Sean Bean proved that he could pull off much more epic deaths.  Now, Liam Neeson wants revenge.  Fighting ensues.  (Spoilers:  they both die)

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  7. squidsquads answered: The directors of BATTLESHIP.
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    Any of the Republican presidential contenders are fine by me. Also, Tim Tebow and anyone else of the “family values”...
  9. canibeyour-la-woman answered: tim tebow??? just a thought
  10. ravenreverie said: He b***h-slapped Darth Maul during their lightsaber duel in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. I think he should punch Justin Bieber, if they ever appear in a movie together.
  11. infinite-triclops answered: he should punch schizophrenic monkeys talking ebo
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    This is exactly the kind of hard-hitting journalistic questions for which I always turn to NPR.
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    Liam should punch you next.
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    Liam’s the man. Next up Liam Should punch Daniel Craig and become the new Bond!
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    I saw a Liam Neeson Collection at Best Buy this winter break. It was one of those “Oh. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh” moments. It was a...
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  32. kerryannmccombs answered: Clowns. Liam should punch clowns next.
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