This past week at my school i decided to participate in the Hijab Challengethat the students from the Muslim Student Association was hosting. The challenge was for 1 day or 2 wear a Hijab and see how people react.

I decided to do this for 2 days because i wanted to get the full experience. The day i was going to get the Hijab and learn how to put it on i was excited yet nervous because i wondered what will people think but i still went. The girls were so nice and showed me the proper way to put on a Hijab and the significance of it. When i put the Hijab on i looked so different but yet so powerful.

Day 1

Walking into the student union people were starring at me. But i walked in with my head held high and smiled. Some of my friends did not noticed me because they thought it was not me, or i had them stare at me with a stare that says “what the heck are you doing”. I told them about the challenge and all they said is “why do it?” . I could not believe that my own friends would say that but my day went on. While walking to class people were just starring non stop or tried to ignore me when i smiled. Some people told me that i looked beautiful and i had a beautiful smile. It was not as bad at school.

Then i decided to go to the Mall and once again people would stare especially when i was driving. There was this lady that laughed at me while i was driving and it felt so horrible. An adult laughing at me !! Are you serious !!! at least 3 people laughed. Got to the mall and once again all the stares and dirty looks from people. People wouldnt ask if i wanted samples, or if i wanted to smell a perfume. It seemed like if people were scared to talk to me. I left home that day still with a smile on my face

Day 2.

I went to work with my Hijab and it was not bad just my co workers wanted to know why i was wearing it. I got out of work and decided to go to the grocery store. There was this man that is always there with an American flag and “preaches”. I walked in and the man told me to go back to my country -_- I turned around and said “I am in my country” and everyone stared . I walked out and he kept saying the same thing and i stopped and told him :” this is my country, i was born here. Not everyone that wears a Hijab is from the middle east. Im Mexican first of all. and wearing a Hijab is due to the religion and beliefs. So stop being an ignorant fool” !!!  I was so angry and upset and mad that once i got to my car i cried. It felt so horrible.

I respect all women that wear a Hijab, is such an empowerment for women to be committed in that way. They are my heroes especially because they are strong enough to be faced with ignorant people everyday. People think that men make the women wear a Hijab but it is NOT true. The women get to choose if they want to wear it once they hit puberty. I really felt empowered when i did this. Now i see things very differently and i am glad i particiapted in it.



 Beautiful post about beautiful women.

 This is amazing.

She looks gorgeous in it! Fuck all those ignorant ass people >:(

I’m going to do this one of these days. :I I want to know what it’s like.

((so pretty! ;u; both in and out of the Hijab!))

I have done this
so many racial slurs man 

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